Five-Time Olympian, Licensed Acupuncturist & Mother, Amy Acuff Jumps for Acupuncture In More Ways Than One

Amy Acuff - Olympian,Acupuncturist, MotherIn  the West the majority of people believe that they have to have a problem, pain or a physical disease before they can come for acupuncture treatment.  In my practice I see patients for both the prevention and treatment of disease . Patients who are healthy, want to stay healthy come to acupuncture to continue to feel better and better, no matter their walk in life.  This includes adults and children. It is a well kept secret that acupuncture treatment increases vitality well into old age.

Amy Acuff is an Olympic High Jumper. The Olympics in London this summer was her fifth time on the American Olympic team. What is more exciting is that she is also a licensed acupuncturist in Austin, Texas. More than eleven time US and World high jump champion, Acuff was involved in a car accident in 2000.  She was treated with acupuncture for injuries suffered in the accident. Following her own acupuncture treatment she began her formal acupuncture studies as well as continuing with her Olympic training and worldwide competition. After the 2009 World Championships she found that she was pregnant, retired from competition and became a full time licensed acupuncturist and mother. In 2012 with a four year old daughter, and defying sport at  her age of 37 y.o.,  Amy rejoined the American US Olympic Team.

Amy attributes her own acupuncture treatment for her unusual longevity in athletic competition, and the reason she has lasted for so many years in the injury prone sport of high jump.

Professional and amateur athletes worldwide use acupuncture to obtain optimal physiologic performance in all sports activities  and to both manage and prevent injuries. Studies conducted by the US National Insitute of Health, the World Heath Organization and research bodies worldwide have consistently shown that Acupuncture is a safe and effective tool in supporting optimal wellness, treating physical injuries and dealing with pain.

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