To Everything There is a Season

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Chinese Medicine is a highly developed and effective system of diagnosis and treatment that uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary guidelines to bring an individual back into balance with body, mind, spirit, and the natural cycles that govern our world. … Continue reading

Five-Time Olympian, Licensed Acupuncturist & Mother, Amy Acuff Jumps for Acupuncture In More Ways Than One

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In  the West the majority of people believe that they have to have a problem, pain or a physical disease before they can come for acupuncture treatment.  In my practice I see patients for both the prevention and treatment of … Continue reading

Medical Doctors Concur Acupuncture Works! in study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine

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This article describes the results of the first real groundbreaking study on acupuncture outcomes by the formal medical community. Acupuncture stands on the threshold of acceptance by the medical establishment in the United States. Skeptics dismiss it, and insurance companies … Continue reading